September 25, 2023
Which makeup was more popular this year

Which makeup was more popular this year

In the last year, we have entered normal life after fighting with Corona. In the midst of uncertainty, I basically forgot how to take care of myself. Like everything else, our skin is affected a lot due to the lockdown. Everyone has more or less rushed to the beauty salon to reduce skin damage.

Rahima Sultana Rita, an esthetician at Harmony Spa and Cleopatra Beauty Salon, said that our normal lifestyle has stopped due to Corona. This year new people enter healthy and beautiful life. Almost everyone has hair loss, body aches, and allergy problems due to corona. Hence hair loss treatment was very popular. Many people do regular body massages for muscle pain. Also, skin detoxification and face and body scrubbing were very popular last year.


Vitamin E infused with coconut oil has been used in hair care for years. However, this year, apart from hair care, vitamin E oil is also being used in skin and nail care. Night creams, anti-aging creams, or vitamin E oil mixed with other creams are seen to reduce sunburn this year.

Dermatologist Afrin Moushumi of Herbs Ayurvedic Clinic said skin repair treatments were the most popular last year. Through various social media, people have used many things without realizing it. The result is skin damage. Many had problems with skin rashes, acne, and excessive dryness.

He said, applying lemon, baking soda, hair care oil, or various herbal oils for skin care causes a lot of damage to many people’s skin. Many have used stone rollers on the facial skin. They believe that it will remove skin wrinkles and tighten the skin. But it’s just not that effective. He said skincare should be taken according to the skin type with expert advice.

A floral or milk bath is very effective in relieving fatigue and refreshing the body and mind. Afrin Moushumi said that floral baths and milk baths were very popular last year.

The year 2022 is a year of purification for all people – both inside and outside. I entered a new normal life. A touch of innovation has also come into makeup.

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