September 25, 2023
The world’s safest airline

The world’s safest airline

Last year, many people took their first flight after the pandemic travel hiatus, while some expect 2023 to be the year they get back on board. But if taking a break from flying means you’re feeling more nervous than usual about jetting off, booking with one of these airlines can reassure you. analyzed 385 different airlines to find the 20 safest in the world. In a separate survey, they also put together the top 10 budget airlines. So whether you fly first-class or economy, you know you’re in safe hands.

To create their top 20, looked at a variety of factors, including serious incident records over the past two years, government audits, fleet age, and, of course, COVID-19 safety protocols.

What other airlines made the top 20?

Last year’s winner Air New Zealand came second this year. UAE’s Etihad Airways is in third place, followed by Qatar Airways at number four.

“The Top 20 Safest Airlines 2023 are always at the forefront of safety innovation, operational excellence, and the introduction of new and more advanced aircraft such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787.”

The rest of the top 20 are:

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Tap Air Portugal
  3. Emirates
  4. Alaska Airlines
  5. EVA Air
  6. Virgin Australia/Atlantic
  7. Cathay Pacific Airways
  8. Hawaiian Airlines
  9. SAS
  10. United Airlines
  11. Lufthansa/Swiss Group
  12. Finer
  13. British Airways
  14. KLM
  15. American Airlines
  16. Delta Air Lines

Which are the safest budget airlines in 2023?

The rating website also selected ten of the safest budget airlines for travelers. Although they’re not ranked in any particular order, these are the safest low-cost airlines to fly with this year:

Air Arabia, EasyJet, Frontier, Jetstar Group, JetBlue, Ryanair, VietJet, Volaris, WestJet and Wiz.

And if the thought of flying still makes you nervous, remember that air travel is considered the safest form of long-distance travel. According to IATA, in 2018, 4.3 billion passengers flew safely on more than 46 million flights.

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